A few snapshots from Thanksgiving weekend.  I went camping with Hunter’s family for the second year in a row (and second time camping ever).  His family has had this tradition for years, everyone sets up camp on his grandmother’s property and spends the weekend around the fire.  It’s really great to see Hunter in his element, he would stay there forever if I didn’t make him come back with me.  I never grew up camping so it’s fun for me to experience something new.  It’s also the only way I won’t check my e-mail / social media because my phone doesn’t work out there (sad I know).  It was relaxing to be away from technology for a few days.  Country dog came with us and had just as much fun as we did, he slept this entire week and hardly wanted to go out to play.  I can’t believe we are already gearing up for Christmas! This truly is the best time of the year.  I hope everyone is enjoying their December so far! xox

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